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Connected Services Framework (CSF)

Eintrag zuletzt aktualisiert am: 10.10.2006

"Microsoft Connected Services Framework (CSF) hosts a development environment and a runtime environment that enables you to create new XML Web services, update existing ones, and aggregate services into a single distributed application. The goal of CSF is to achieve rapid integration between Web services, by using the minimum amount of custom coding, and reducing or eliminating dependencies between Web services. CSF helps you to quickly develop, deploy, and revise applications that are composed of Web services. When you use CSF, it provides you with components that help you with identity management (single sign on, federation, and synchronization), profile management (profile storage and profile integration), and service discovery. CSF provides a development environment and the Well-enabled Service (WES) Toolkit, which enables you to introduce Web services that are manageable and composable to your distributed application."


Microsoft Connected Services Framework Server
Microsoft Connected Services Framework Order Handling Standard Business Event Server
Microsoft Connected Services Framework Billing Standard Business Event Server
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