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Execution Policy

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Chaves, Gabriel
Program Stay Alive!: Reflections of the interruption of the crime prevention policy in the execution of the homicide control program
Our Knowledge Publishing, 2022
Taschenbuch; 92 Seiten; ab 60,90 Euro
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Taïeb, Emmanuel
Hiding the Guillotine: Public Executions in France, 1870-1939
Cornell University Press, 2020
Gebundene Ausgabe; 290 Seiten; ab 50,00 Euro
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Kudernatsch, Daniela
Hoshin Kanri: Agile Strategy Execution with Policy Deployment
Independently published, 2020
Taschenbuch; 299 Seiten; ab 40,64 Euro
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Pijl, Jacques
Strategy = Execution: Faster Improvement, Renewal, and Innovation in the New Economy (English Edition)
Management Impact Publishing, 2020
Kindle Ausgabe; 290 Seiten; ab 18,56 Euro
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Williams, Todd C.
Filling Execution Gaps: How Executives and Project Managers Turn Corporate Strategy into Successful Projects
De|G Press, 2017
Taschenbuch; 396 Seiten; ab 30,00 Euro
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Levenson, Alec
Strategic Analytics: Advancing Strategy Execution and Organizational Effectiveness
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2015
Taschenbuch; 264 Seiten; ab 27,44 Euro
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Futral, William; Greene, James
Intel Trusted Execution Technology for Server Platforms: A Guide to More Secure Datacenters (Expert's Voice in Security) (English Edition)
Apress, 2013
Kindle Ausgabe; 237 Seiten; Preis unbekannt
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Van Esch, Joris A. C.
Restrained Policy and Careless Execution: Allied Strategic Bombing on the Netherlands in the Second World War
Taschenbuch; 70 Seiten; ab 80,68 Euro
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Zhang Su Jun
Study of the Criminal Justice Policy and Penalty Execution Reform (Chinese Edition)
China Procuratorial Press, 2011
Taschenbuch; 299 Seiten; ab 24,08 Euro
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Arnold, Lorna; Gowing, Margaret
Independence and Deterrence: Volume 2: Policy Execution (Britain and Atomic Energy, 1945-1952, Band 2)
Palgrave Macmillan, 1974
Gebundene Ausgabe; 573 Seiten; ab 142,90 Euro
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