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Managed Application Programming Interface (Managed API)

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Ullenboom, Christian
Spring Boot 3 und Spring Framework 6: Das umfassende Handbuch zu professionellen Enterprise-Anwendungen mit Java – Einführung, Praxistipps, Design und Patterns
Rheinwerk Computing, 2023
Gebundene Ausgabe; 976 Seiten; ab 49,90 Euro
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Bushong, Anthony; Hua, Kent
Cloud Native Automation with Google Cloud Build: Easily automate tasks in a fully managed, scalable, and secure platform
Packt Publishing, 2022
Taschenbuch; 246 Seiten; ab 35,99 Euro
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Mezzalira, Luca
Building Micro-Frontends: Scaling Teams and Projects Empowering Developers
O'Reilly Media, 2021
Taschenbuch; 317 Seiten; ab 43,99 Euro
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Appleman, Dan
Advanced Apex Programming in Salesforce
Desaware Publishing, 2021
Taschenbuch; 401 Seiten; ab 42,79 Euro
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Rosso, Josh; Lander, Rich; Brand, Alex; Harris, John
Production Kubernetes: Building Successful Application Platforms
O'Reilly Media, 2021
Taschenbuch; 484 Seiten; ab 56,02 Euro
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Eshwarla, Prabhu
Practical System Programming for Rust Developers: Build fast and secure software for Linux/Unix systems with the help of practical examples
Packt Publishing, 2020
Taschenbuch; 388 Seiten; ab 32,99 Euro
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Nusairat, Joseph Faisal
Rust for the IoT: Building Internet of Things Apps with Rust and Raspberry Pi
Apress, 2020
Taschenbuch; 615 Seiten; ab 52,92 Euro
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Perrin, Jean-Georges
Spark in Action, Second Edition: Covers Apache Spark 3 with Examples in Java, Python, and Scala
Manning, 2020
Taschenbuch; 576 Seiten; ab 30,88 Euro
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West, Randolph; Zacharias, Melody; Assaf, William
SQL Server 2019 Administration Inside Out
Taschenbuch; 992 Seiten; ab 44,99 Euro
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Dobies, Jason; Wood, Joshua
Kubernetes Operators: Automating the Container Orchestration Platform
O'Reilly Media, 2020
Taschenbuch; 136 Seiten; ab 39,99 Euro
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Siriwardena, Prabath
Advanced API Security: OAuth 2.0 and Beyond
Apress, 2019
Taschenbuch; 472 Seiten; ab 32,99 Euro
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Arundel, John; Domingus, Justin
Cloud Native Devops With Kubernetes: Building, Deploying, and Scaling Modern Applications in the Cloud
O'Reilly Media, 2019
Taschenbuch; 317 Seiten; ab 79,90 Euro
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Appleman, Dan
Advanced Apex Programming in Salesforce
Desaware Publishing, 2018
Taschenbuch; 334 Seiten; ab 36,33 Euro
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Hunter, Ted; Porter, Steven
Google Cloud Platform for Developers: Build highly scalable cloud solutions with the power of Google Cloud Platform (English Edition)
Packt Publishing, 2018
Taschenbuch; 506 Seiten; ab 37,99 Euro
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King, Rochelle; Churchill, Elizabeth F.; Tan, Caitlin
Designing With Data: Improving the User Experience With A/B Testing
O'Reilly Media, 2017
Taschenbuch; 337 Seiten; ab 37,99 Euro
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Richer, Justin; Sanso, Antonio
OAuth 2 in Action
Manning, 2017
Taschenbuch; 360 Seiten; ab 33,59 Euro
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Yayici, Emrah
Business Analysis Methodology Book
Taschenbuch; 88 Seiten; ab 8,51 Euro
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Biehl, Matthias
API Architecture: The Big Picture for Building APIs (API-University Series Book 2) (English Edition)
, 2015
Kindle Ausgabe; 192 Seiten; ab 9,99 Euro
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Jacobson, Daniel; Brail, Greg; Woods, Dan
APIs: A Strategy Guide: Creating Channels with Application Programming Interfaces
O'Reilly and Associates, 2011
Taschenbuch; 146 Seiten; ab 20,00 Euro
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Cwalina, Krzysztof; Abrams, Brad
Framework Design Guidelines, w. DVD-ROM: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries (Microsoft .NET Development Series)
Addison-Wesley Longman, Amsterdam, 2008
Gebundene Ausgabe; 436 Seiten; ab 67,32 Euro
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