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Microsoft Container Registry (MCR)

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Trabelsi, Hamida Rebai
A Developer's Guide to Cloud Apps Using Microsoft Azure: Migrate and modernize your cloud-native applications with containers on Azure using real-world case studies
Packt Publishing, 2023
Taschenbuch; 274 Seiten; ab 30,99 Euro
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Mcleod, M.C.R.
Aurelia’s Adventures
Independently published, 2023
Taschenbuch; 377 Seiten; ab 14,79 Euro
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ANSI A Notebook Lined Journal Notepad Note Book Notes Diary Pad
Independently published, 2022
Taschenbuch; 100 Seiten; ab 5,33 Euro
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Cameron MD PT MCR, Michelle H.
Physical Agents in Rehabilitation: An Evidence-Based Approach to Practice
Elsevier, 2022
Taschenbuch; 504 Seiten; ab 77,88 Euro
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Russinovich, Mark E.; Allievi, Andrea; Ionescu, Alex
Windows Internals, Part 2, 7/e (Developer Reference)
Microsoft Press, 2021
Taschenbuch; 768 Seiten; ab 37,56 Euro
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Wahbeh ND MCR, Helané
The Science of Channeling: Why You Should Trust Your Intuition and Embrace the Force That Connects Us All (English Edition)
Reveal Press, 2021
Kindle Ausgabe; 225 Seiten; ab 10,30 Euro
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Way, Gerard; Simon, Shaun
The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: National Anthem
Dark Horse Books, 2021
Taschenbuch; 200 Seiten; ab 18,99 Euro
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Mishra, Abhishek
Mastering Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): Rapidly Build and Scale Your Containerized Applications with Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (English Edition)
BPB Publications, 2021
Taschenbuch; 292 Seiten; ab 31,02 Euro
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Chandrasekara, Chaminda
Hands-on GitHub Actions: Implement CI/CD with GitHub Action Workflows for Your Applications
Apress, 2021
Taschenbuch; 180 Seiten; ab 34,99 Euro
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Editions, MCR
Mes Recettes Pains: Carnet de recette de cuisine | Spécial boulangerie, pains, pains maison | Livre de 100 fiches recettes à remplir | Idée cadeau boulanger | Grand format : 21,59 cm x 27,94 cm
Independently published, 2020
Taschenbuch; 108 Seiten; ab 7,00 Euro
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Sarmiento, Edwin M
The SQL Server DBA’s Guide to Docker Containers: Agile Deployment without Infrastructure Lock-in
Apress, 2020
Taschenbuch; 372 Seiten; ab 53,49 Euro
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Clarke, Chase
PowerShell for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Master Windows PowerShell Scripting
Independently published, 2020
Taschenbuch; 104 Seiten; ab 11,48 Euro
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Ifrah, Shimon
Getting Started with Containers in Azure: Deploy, Manage, and Secure Containerized Applications (English Edition)
Apress, 2020
Kindle Ausgabe; 373 Seiten; ab 46,90 Euro
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Buchanan, Steve
Introducing Azure Kubernetes Service: A Practical Guide to Container Orchestration
Apress, 2019
Taschenbuch; 244 Seiten; ab 48,14 Euro
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Belamaric, John; Liu, Cricket
Belamaric, J: Learning CoreDNS: Configuring DNS for Cloud Native Environments
O'Reilly UK Ltd., 2019
Taschenbuch; 200 Seiten; ab 41,97 Euro
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Mason, Paul
MCR 2018 Primary Reader 5 The Wild West
Macmillan Education, 2019
Taschenbuch; 32 Seiten; ab 17,93 Euro
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Modi, Ritesh
Azure for Architects: Implementing cloud design, DevOps, containers, IoT, and serverless solutions on your public cloud, 2nd Edition (English Edition)
Packt Publishing, 2019
Taschenbuch; 536 Seiten; ab 22,25 Euro
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El Pensador, M.C.R.
Dioses y Orishas del Panteon de Yoruba: Santoral Yoruba II
Palibrio, 2012
Taschenbuch; 260 Seiten; ab 47,52 Euro
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Pensador, Mcr El
The Chariot of Death: The Lady of the Night
Taschenbuch; 98 Seiten; ab 14,07 Euro
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International, Icon Group
McR: Webster's Timeline History, 1608 - 2007
ICON Group International, Inc., 2010
Taschenbuch; 58 Seiten; ab 30,97 Euro
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