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NanoWBEM ist portabler CIM/WEBM-Server von Microsoft

Um Windows für andere Betriebssysteme weiter zu öffnen, entwickelt Microsoft unter dem Namen "NanoWBEM" auch eine WBEM-Implementierung für andere Betriebssysteme, die ein laut Aussage von PowerShell-Chefarchitekt Jeffrey Snoover [] um den Faktor 76 schneller sein soll als die DMTF-Referenzimplementierung "OpenPegasus". Zudem soll NanoWBEM auch auf SmartPhones laufen soll, um auch diese Geräte überwachbar zu machen.

Weitere Quellen

"Microsoft has developed a portable, small, yet high-performance and scalable CIMOM called NanoWBEM, which supports the WS-Man protocol. NanoWBEM uses a new provider model introduced by Microsoft and hence can share the provider development tools with the rest of the Microsoft management platform and can be easily accessed from PowerShell. NanoWBEM will be licensable. This presentation will discuss the architecture of NanoWBEM and will demonstrate how it can be used to support interoperability between Windows and non- Windows managed environments."

"Microsoft also stressed that many of the APIs for various new features, including their entire management API will be opened for third party vendors to integrate with and so they could write their own UIs.

One of the ways they are going to do this is by releasing a completely portable, brand-new Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM) CIM server called NanoWBEM for Linux, written by one of the main developers of of OpenPegasus, which has been designed to work Windows Server 8’s new management APIs, so that various vendors can build in the functionality into their products via a common provider interface.
While not strictly Open Source per se, NanoWBEM will be readily licensable to other companies, which is a big step for Microsoft in opening up interfaces into Windows managment.
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) has also been enhanced considerably, as it now is capable of talking to WSMAN or DCOM directly. This makes it much easier for developers to write new WMI providers."
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