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Saleh, Aly; Karslioglu, Murat
Kubernetes in Production Best Practices: Build and manage highly available production-ready Kubernetes clusters
Packt Publishing, 2021
Taschenbuch; 292 Seiten; ab 28,99 Euro
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Kale, Suyog Dilip; Kulkarni, Chinmay
Redis® Deep Dive: Explore Redis - Its Architecture, Data Structures and Modules like Search, JSON, AI, Graph, Timeseries (English Edition)
BPB Publications, 2021
Taschenbuch; 228 Seiten; ab 26,74 Euro
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Scutaru, Cristian
Redis Certified Developer: Exam Practice Tests
Independently published, 2020
Taschenbuch; 192 Seiten; ab 13,13 Euro
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Huang, Pengcheng; Wang, Zuofei
Redis 4.x Cookbook: Over 80 hand-picked recipes for effective Redis development and administration (English Edition)
Packt Publishing, 2018
Taschenbuch; 382 Seiten; ab 32,99 Euro
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Nelson, Jeremy
Mastering Redis (English Edition)
Packt Publishing, 2016
Taschenbuch; 366 Seiten; ab 45,99 Euro
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Silva, Maxwell Dayvson Da; Tavares, Hugo Lopes
Redis Essentials: Harness the power of Redis to integrate and manage your projects efficiently (English Edition)
Packt Publishing, 2015
Kindle Ausgabe; 232 Seiten; ab 19,47 Euro
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Johanan, Joshua
Building Scalable Apps with Redis and Node.js (English Edition)
Packt Publishing, 2014
Kindle Ausgabe; 505 Seiten; ab 21,71 Euro
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Carlson, Dr. Josiah L
Redis in Action
Manning, 2013
Taschenbuch; 320 Seiten; ab 48,08 Euro
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Kurowski, Oliver
NoSQL Einführung - CouchDB, MongoDB und Redis, 2012
Kindle Ausgabe; 56 Seiten; ab ,99 Euro
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Macedo, Tiago; Fred Oliveira
Redis Cookbook: Practical Techniques for Fast Data Manipulation (English Edition)
O'Reilly Media, 2011
Kindle Ausgabe; 88 Seiten; ab 10,86 Euro
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