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Everett, Elizabeth
Este es el sol / This Is the Sun
Science, Naturally!, 2022
Taschenbuch; 32 Seiten; ab 18,15 Euro
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Seidl, Andreas
Handover of Power - Planned Economy: Volume 8/21 Global Version: Global Version - Volume 8/21 (Handover of Power - Global Version)
BoD – Books on Demand, 2022
Taschenbuch; 208 Seiten; ab 9,99 Euro
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Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States; FBI
Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy Version 5.8 06/01/2019: Law Enforcement Needs Timely And Secure Access To Services That Provide Data Or Stopping And Reducing Crime
Independently published, 2022
Gebundene Ausgabe; 252 Seiten; ab 47,13 Euro
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FEMA's Individual Assistance Program and Policy Guide (IAPPG) Version 1.1 FP 104-009-03 -- May 2021
Independently published, 2021
Taschenbuch; 280 Seiten; ab 18,06 Euro
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Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide Version 4: Effective June 2020 (PAPPG, Band 4)
Independently published, 2020
Taschenbuch; 276 Seiten; ab 18,91 Euro
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Paul, Mugerwa
The Integrated East African Financial System: Is it Feasible?: The Policy Version
Asante Capital Hub, 2020
Taschenbuch; 702 Seiten; ab 118,26 Euro
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DeStefano, Michele; Dobrauz-Saldapenna, Guenther
New Suits: Appetite for Disruption in the Legal World (US Version)
Stämpfli Verlag, 2019
Taschenbuch; 750 Seiten; ab 59,00 Euro
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Banerjee, Abhijit V.; Duflo, Esther
Poor Economics: The Surprising Truth about Life on Less Than $1 a Day
Penguin, 2012
Taschenbuch; 320 Seiten; ab 9,99 Euro
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SAIBU, Olufemi
Openness and Real Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Nigeria: A Test of Open economic version of Policy Ineffectiveness Proposition of New Classical Macroeconomic Theory in Nigeria
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2011
Taschenbuch; 316 Seiten; ab 69,95 Euro
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Schmidt, Steffen W.; Shelley, Mack C.; Bardes, Barbara A.; Ford, Lynne E.
American Government and Politics Today: No Separate Policy Chapters Version 2011-2012 (American Government and Politics Today, No Seperate Policy Chapters Version)
Wadsworth Publishing Co Inc, 2011
Taschenbuch; 578 Seiten; ab 262,99 Euro
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