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The WCF Barometer is a free tool that measures the performance of different Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) bindings in contrast to a 2-tier (non-WCF) application with direct database access. It is based on .NET 3.x and can run on .NET 4.x as well.

1. Install the SQL Server Database using the included SQL Scripts on any SQL Server
2. Set the connection string to this database in ITV_WCFBarometer_WCFServer.exe.config and ITV_WCFBarometer_Client.exe.config.
3. Run the Server ITV_WCFBarometer_WCFServer.exe from the command line ("ITV_WCFBarometer_WCFServer.exe debug") or as a Windows Service (installutil.exe ITV_WCFBarometer_WCFServer.exe).
4. Run the Client and experience the different, self explanatory options


Current Version: 1.2

Free Download