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Begriff Service Data Objects
Abkürzung SDO
Eintrag zuletzt aktualisiert am 09.11.2006

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Was ist Service Data Objects ?

SDO ist ein Datenzugriffmodell für Java (JSR-235), das vergleichbar ist mit ADO.NET.

Data Graph = DataSet
Data Objects = DataTable
Data Access Service = ADO.NET Data Provider / DataAdapter


"Service Data Objects (SDO) is a specification recently published jointly by BEA and IBM, and is being standardized through the Java Community Process by the JSR-235 Expert Group. SDO is a data programming architecture and API for the Java platform that unifies data programming across data source types, provides robust support for common application patterns, and enable applications, tools, and frameworks to more easily query, read, update, and introspect data. For a high-level overview of the SDO architecture, see the white paper titled Next-Generation Data Programming: Service Data Objects (pdf)." (

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